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Exceptional Best Removals and Storage Services Gold Coast

Exceptional Best Removals and Storage Services Gold Coast

Are you looking for a super cheap storage gold coast? Looking for cheap self-storage on the Gold Coast but not willing to sacrifice quality and cleanliness? Here we are providing exceptional packing, moving, and storage services to make your relocation comfortable and hassle-free! Whether it’s a home relocation or office, let our skilled workforce take care of your packing needs and enjoy peace of mind.

Local Removals Gold Coast:

When it comes to cost-effective and zero damage storage, pre-packing, unpacking services, ours can assure you the best. We have professional and Reliable Gold Coast Removalists who believe that ‘No job is too big or too small.’ From delicate crockeries to high-valued technical products to heavy furniture, our professional removalists in Gold Coast are experienced to load and transporting your items with top-notch care and perfection. We have Competitive Rates, Fixed and Hourly Rate Options for the customers. We also give you Insurance Coverage for Local and Long Distance Transfers.

Hi-Rise and Office Relocations:

We have Exceptional Service with the highest customer satisfaction. Our team is always active to handle emergency removals in Gold Coast, including hi-rise and corporate relocation with precision and care. Our extremely competitive prices and helpful service have earned us glowing customer reviews and a reputation as the best value provider of storage gold coast. We will also help you to redesign and upgrade your office for the comfort of your employees. All the official documents will be safe and secured while relocating the full office.

Removal Services Gold Coast:

As we know that we are working with your valuable resource, we work very carefully while rapping and shifting to protect your property. We transport everything very sincerely even if a candle is also shifted very carefully. We have Trustworthy and Experienced Packers who complete their work with full perfection. We also unpack the storage properly and set them in their new destination. We also have Partial or Full House Packing solutions as you want. We can assure you 100% Damage-Free and Safe Removals.

Moving Your Overseas The Right Way:

Whether you are relocating a house or an office our Gold Coast local removals have got your packing and moving needs covered with the lowest turnaround time and a high-end fleet of vehicles. The box we use for packing has a wide range and so your storage will be always safe while moving. Our Packing Accessories are Available for Small or Large Quantities as you want.

Super Cheap Storage Services of Your Belongings:

We have a Wide Range of Storage Options which are safe and secure with Alarmed Storage Facilities. We have separate storage units of gold coast for this work. Our storage containers are all brand new, dry, safe, weather, fire-resistant, vermin-proof, and suitable for a range of storage items such as household effects, etc. Our storage is super comfortable for your stuff and also secured. We also have Temporary and Permanent Storage Solutions for your comfort.

Unpacking and Organizing Your New Location:

After weeks or even months of planning, packing, and preparing for an upcoming move, you can only enjoy a moment’s rest before the massive project of unpacking your home begins. Many people consider unpacking after moving into their new home to be just as overwhelming as the moving out process. We offer valet unpacking once your storage unit has been returned to you. Our friendly removalists will unpack your unit and put them away for you exactly how you want them to. We will also set your belongings in the place you want without doing any harm to the product.

 The Top-Rated Removalist on the Gold Coast:

We were rated as one of the best removalists on the Gold Coast. For years it has been and still is our pleasure to be Gold Coast’s trusted removalists. We are a family-owned and operated Gold Coast removalist company, specializing in relocating homes, offices, high-rises, and warehouses. We do the pre-packing and unpacking for you during the move so you can be completely worry-free the whole time! Our services include pre-packing, unpacking, moving, supplying moving materials such as boxes, tapes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, plasma TV boxes, chair covers, etc. We also offer storage services, to keep your things safe, with our manned security. Once you have organized your storage requirements, transporting your belongings carefully is our responsibility

Best Affordable And Cheap Business Self Storage Services Gold Coast:

We provide secure storage for businesses small or large. No matter if you are storing files, furniture, or equipment we can provide you with the right storage solution to suit your needs. Our storage solutions are perfect if your business is relocating as we can be your one-stop shop for the entire process. Our friendly and creative business relocation team will look after you throughout the entire process as you relocate your office, and will ensure that all materials which are stored are treated with the utmost care and consideration. Our storage business packs are sealed and stored in climate-controlled facilities meaning that your documents and electronic equipment are protected from rust and mildew.

Customer’s Love Is Our Inspiration:

Customer love, honest responses, and continuous support combined with our team’s sincere efforts finally paid off! Customers can choose the service depending on their needs, or call for an obligation-free quote to get advice about your move requirements. Our valued customers have always been the biggest support for us. Their prompt feedback and appreciation of our work have been the source of our unlimited motivation.

So there are the reasons for selecting us as the best gold coast company for your work. We have been developing day by day and our service quality is now just incomparable. You will not uncover any reason to dislike it. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to removal and storage services solutions. We assure you that you will love it. If any question is persisting then, feel free to comment on your viewpoints. 

Moving House With A Cat: Top Tips and Recommendation.

Robina Removals – “Exceptional best removal services”

Robina Removals – “Exceptional best removal services”

Local and Interstate Removals:

With the best equipment, we got your back covered. For any removal work in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Burleigh, Broadbeach, Nerang, Robina, Southport, you can contact Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals. If you need any Removal and Storage service at Robina, we will be happy to serve you. When it comes to Robina removals, we are the best.

Benefits of Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals

Fully insured:

  • Our services are wholly insured
  • Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is also accredited
  • We have an expert and friendly crew

Our Coverage

  • We have a nationwide coverage
  • Your luggage is always secure with us
  • We tackle all big or small task


  • Get a free estimate of the price
  • Our prices are different for full or partial packing service

Removers in Gold Coast

We greet you at Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals Gold Coast

Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals are here for all your removal work. Make your moving stress free. We are well known for our professional removal services at Robina. Our professional staff is always ready for your removal needs at Robina. We give the best services to gain the trust of our customers. You can count on us when it comes to Robina removals.

We already have many satisfied clients. With our strict rules and regulations, we take care of your goods. You can relax after giving us the work.

We follow just a three-step procedure

1. Get an idea of your work

Before starting your journey, call us, or fill out the online form. Our friendly staff is always here to help you with any queries you have. You can ask anything regarding tapes, boxes, or packing. We are still ready to help you.

2. Decide the day

If you liked our offers, then all you have to do is decide the day of moving. Inform us that you have accepted the offer. After this, your arranged date will be fixed on our schedule.

3. Move

After packing is done. You can relax knowing that Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals are at Robina Town. We are always ready to handle the bulkiest objects. Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals will securely remove your goods.

Moving Insurance

Many companies offer insurance. But it is not completely insured. It is often true for just small projects. Sometimes the insurance is just for the company. The company has the cover, but what about the customer.

Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals has a specialized cover available, which makes it different. This insurance is called “Customer goods in transit and storage insurance”. This policy indicates that the removers are trained extensively to uphold standards. When it comes to Robina removals, we are the best.

 Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals options

Robina Removal servicesWhen it comes to moving, many people take days to move goods from one place to another. It may even take weeks or even months. This is where Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals can help. Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is one of the best warehouses in town. We are not just members of the Australian Furniture Removers Association; we are also government accredited. We have great security to protect your goods. You need not worry about your furniture or any other goods in your hands. You can call when coming home Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals will get it to you. We are most active in Robina for removal services.

We don’t only remove your old furniture on the gold coast. We also keep it safe. When it is in our warehouse, an optimal temperature is maintained. It is your choice to choose between a closed bay or open plan storage. We have fewer rates with high assurance.

About Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals

Our Vision

Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is a great name for removal companies in the Gold Coast and other areas of Australia. We are well known for our services and strong values. We work above the expectations of our customers. Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is a respected name among business partners and the community. We are an employer of great choice. Robina removals can help you at any time. 

Our Mission

We are focused on providing a great relocation experience at affordable rates. Our working methodology includes care for the customer, respecting the feelings, and motivation to find the solutions. We work in a positive environment. Our faith is in learning and then growing.

Our values

  • Equity
  • Upkeep
  • Honesty
  • Hopefulness
  • Learn and grow
  • Determination

The director and founder of Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals services

The director and founder of the Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals Peter De Witt, say that I want to thank you for choosing services at Your Town Robina. We will make relocation easier for you. Through this website, You will get solutions to your removal problems in your Town Robina.

Now we can give you insurance contracts as we are proud members of the Australian Furniture Removers Association. We have made many satisfied customers. We have received five-star reviews not only on Google but on social media as well. You will never be disappointed by the working methodology of Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals.

What’s new in Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals?

Our trucks are bigger and increased in number. We are now working throughout the Gold Coast, including Burleigh Heads storage, Broadbeach storage, Nerang storage, Robina storage, Southport, and all the surrounding areas. We are ready to carry larger goods. You can contact us whenever you are ready to move.

Why chose Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals?

There are many removal companies on the Gold Coast and all around Australia. But we can assure you about our quality and safety. We can remove your goods with ease. Let us save you precious time. When it comes to handling heavy or fragile goods, unprofessional persons cannot handle them. They may get hurt, or they might break the goods. Allow us to take care of your dangerous work. With the help of our perfect staff and large trucks, we will move your goods within a day. Because when something is done by professionals, it reaches perfection. So, let us help you with removing Robina.

Where to find us?

We are fully activated in the following areas:

  • Gold Coast
  • Southport
  • Burleigh Heads
  • Broadbeach 
  • Nerang
  • Robina

We are always ready to assist you from the above-given states. We’ll get to you if you are in these states or the states near them.


We are AFRA member

There are restrictions on becoming an AFRA member. The company must be well equipped, and the staff has to be completely trained to handle the relocation. AFRA is the official body of removal experts that keeps the removal companies in motion. Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals can proudly say that we are a member of AFRA.

Checklist For Moving Into A New House For The First Time

Moving House With A Cat: Top Tips and Recommendation.

Moving House With A Cat: Top Tips and Recommendation.

One of the most familiar figures in the home is that of the pet, which is practically part of the family and of the house itself, mostly when we talk about cats, which take over every corner of the house, and most of the time they do not leave the house.

There is a famous phrase that sums up all this: “Cats have no owner, they have a home.” By this, we mean that cats form a special bond with the place where they live; in this case, we suggest a house. So if we are going to move, we have a little problem with our cat. We will see some recommendations to carry out a move with cats to be more bearable both for the cat itself and for us.

Cats are animals of habit; they are deeply rooted in their home and their “hobbies,” so if something comes to disturb their usual routine, they can react differently. Many of these animals may not take the change well and show behaviors to strangers.

The move can turn into a stressful situation for the family when moving house with a cat. Although it is not possible to have a conversation with your cat, you should know that there are several ways to find out if your cat is happy, relaxed, or on the contrary, if he is upset and distressed. If you are about to move house with a cat and you are concerned about how your cat may react to this change, you should know the following. In this article, we can share your moving house with a cat: top tips and how to settle a cat into a new home.

Before moving with Cats

The main problem that we can find in the movie is the stress and fear that the cat can suffer from the noise and blows of a move when packing the belongings and disassembling furniture.

To do this, we must try to make the cat suffer as little as possible these consequences. How do we do this? We can find a corner of our home isolated from the area with the most noise. In this place, we will lock the cat with all its necessities, such as water, food, bed, etc.

At this point in the movie, it would be important that the cat is not left alone; this way, it would feel safer. And to make this stage more bearable, we could do things with him that he likes, such as brushing him, making him sleep on top of us, tickling and pampering him, or playing with him.

When Moving with a cat: Changes in the face of moving

The most important thing during the moving with cats is that our friend finds his smell in the new home not to be lost in his new environment. The best thing for him is to distribute his scent throughout the new house before taking him; in this way, we will prevent your kitten’s fears from growing (completely losing his territory).

So we must act with foresight and do it before taking our pet to the new home for the first time.

The details to follow during the move from the old home to the new house are also important. One of the best guidelines is to let the cat freely explore the modified rooms or corners of the new home. The exploration of places by a cat reassures them by recognizing that the area does not consist of dangers; therefore, their stress level is low, and they do not enter a chaotic or uncomfortable state.

The carrier is the best place to take our cat during the transfer. The cat mustn’t eat or drink large amounts just before traveling, as it can cause vomiting and dizziness. The carrier must be fixed in the car, so that it does not move a lot, and that it is in a well ventilated and air-conditioned place, if possible, together with the person with whom it has the most attraction in the family. We must be monitoring our cat well so that if we observe any discomfort or an exaggerated reaction, we can stop to attend to its needs.

How to do it when moving with cats?

To do this, you can rub a cloth impregnated with its scent all over the main areas of the house: doors, lower parts of the walls and furniture, windows, etc.

Also, try to preserve the original position of your things in the new home, at least as close as possible. And if we are lucky enough to have the keys to the new house before the last change, take the animal to visit the house before the previous shift. This way the difference will not be so drastic for your cat.

Here are seven simple things you can do to help ease your cat’s anxiety during a move to a new home.

7 Tips for moving with a cat

# Consider Pheromone Therapy

Start pheromones as soon as you start packing your belongings. Use them during the move and continue to use them while you settle into your new home.

Most cats love boxes, and while you are packing, they will be delighted, but despite the initial joy of playing in the fun cardboard boxes scattered everywhere, your cat will soon start to feel that something is wrong. Something is not quite right. And that’s when you will begin to stress, so it’s best to use pheromones in that phase as well.

There are many ways to give your cat relaxing pheromones. Pheromone diffusers, sprays, and wipes can help you deal with moving anxiety.

# Continue your cat’s daily routine

If you’re about to move, you may be busy running errands, but don’t forget to keep up with your cat’s usual routine as much as possible. Try to preserve food and playtimes so that the animal does not perceive the change so drastically.

# Keep it in a safe room on moving day

The day you must leave the old house, while the moving company does its work carrying the boxes and furniture, you keep the cat safe in a closed room, where it has food, water, and its litter box, as well as a toy you trust.

The main reason is that the front door will likely stay open for a long time while cargo trips are being made, and the cat can get away without you noticing. Another reason to take into account is that the cat is over-stressed by seeing so much movement at home. Put a sign on that room’s door saying do not open so that the movers or friends who are helping take it into account.

# Get him used to the carrier

If you move to a remote place, this point becomes even more critical. Kittens tend not to like being locked in their carrier very much, and you will have already seen this on trips to the vet. Therefore, it is best that during the days before the move, you try to get used to it by leaving it in a place of trust for the cat and open, so that it can come and go for a few days. You can put a treat or toy that he likes inside to give him more incentive.

If you go to a house far from the current one and will have to spend a long time locked up, consider with your veterinarian the option of administering a sedative or similar. It is essential to consult with the vet.

# Present a single room when arriving at the new house

Your cat may become overwhelmed if you set him free in his new home or start moving him from room to room. Enter him in a single room, and in that same, he leaves all his things (food, water, sandbox); in this way, he can gradually get used to the room.

# Slowly show him new rooms

When the cat is calmer in the presentation room you have chosen for him in the new home, slowly introduce him into new rooms. At the same time, you cuddle him and perform discreet activities such as reading or watching television. When he starts exploring, offer your cat some attention and maybe a few extra treats to play with to make him feel comfortable in his new home.

# Impregnate the new house with its smell

One thing you should do is make the cat feel comfortable and secure in the new home, and that will be easier if he recognizes your scent in it. Do not wash their toys or their blankets or cushions.

Also, to keep his smell in the sandbox, you must bring the same sand that he used from the last house to recognize it.

How to know when my cat is NOT comfortable?

  • Excessive grooming: Excessive grooming in cats could reflect a time of stress for cats. Cats frequently use behaviors such as grooming to feel better during stressful situations or when they are anxious.
  • Lack of appetite: The problem is that the less the cat eats, the worse it will feel, and its appetite will decline even more.
  • Serious meow: Indicates a complaint or discontent.
  • Hide or shy away from contact
  • Spray urine marks
  • Marking with vertical scratches
  • Not be in motion or activity

Moving with many cats

If there are several felines, the first thing to consider is the logistics of the move: Who will go with whom and go alone? It is unnecessary to have a carrier for each of them. Still, it is essential that if one of them is more unruly or incredibly territorial, travel in personal space for him.

So days before moving with cats, we will have to decide the means of transport for each of them and we will think about how we will move the feline population. See if we can carry more than one together in the same carrier or if we have to buy an additional one.

Pets that are more nervous and elusive will be the first to be arranged in their respective carriers if possible first thing in the day before the moving workers arrive. Although we will be very sorry, it is not advisable to release them until we reach the new home. The calmer felines can be disposed of in their means of transport when leaving the old house.

In the new home

Once we have arrived at our new home, before proceeding with the move, it is good practice to let the cat explore its new home with ease. Once this has been done, we will act as the first step of the move, isolating the cat as much as possible from noise and sudden movements of the move while it is finished. Once this is completed, we will look for places in the home where we can offer it a similar aspect to the one it had in the previous house since cats are animals of habit.

How to know if my cat is HAPPY and comfortable in the new home?

  • Lift the tail with a relaxed movement of the tip
  • Curiosity and desire to play
  • Enjoy your meal
  • Snuggles with you
  • Make signs of affection
  • Lie on your back with your legs stretched out.

After moving house with a cat should pay more attention than usual to our cat, offering pampering, affection, and its favorite foods.” Burleigh Mini Stores and Removals” started its activity as a moving house and storage company in Gold Coast, QLD. Our company has  20 years of experience in the moving sector. With little means, but with a highly motivated team, he managed to open a path among the competitors.

After the first days, the cat will adapt without problem to the new home. If everything has been done delicately and pampering, the cat will not suffer stress and will be happy in its new home.

Our feline friend will need a few days to adapt to the new home. Therefore, upon arrival, we will close all the doors and windows to prevent it from escaping, moved by so many strange feelings. The first explorations will always be inside the house, and their early exits will be accompanied by our supervision so that once settled in the new home, they also get used to the outside environment.

Best Affordable and Cheap Self Storage Gold Coast

Checklist For Moving Into A New House For The First Time

Checklist For Moving Into A New House For The First Time

Are you moving house? You must be excited about that. But it is not easy to pack the whole house. We can help you to make a checklist for moving house.

It is good to have a new home, but moving the whole house takes time and planning. If you don’t follow a plan you may get in trouble. Our tips for moving house are here to take your worry away.

We’ve placed the most important task on top and the least on the bottom. You can follow our checklist to complete your work with ease. You can apply for every kind of house like an apartment or condo.

Things to do before the move:

Before the move, complete the following big tasks first. After these tasks, the remaining process will get smoother. Be wise in choosing the moving company:

It is not good to choose a company on behalf of their online reviews. When hiring the company make sure that

  1. It has a license
  2. The company is insured
  3. Is it trustworthy?

Get the home’s measurement:

Before getting into the house take a look at its blueprint. Check the interior measurements and also the measurement of your furniture. So, you’ll know which goods you can carry and which are unable to fit in the new home.

Setup utilities:

Before getting into the new house make it comfortable. Set up the physical utilities that are water, gas, and electricity. You may have to ask the company you are working for to set up utilities. It is good to inform the date you are moving in. They should know the date because they can be busy working with other clients. Also, contact the cable and internet service provider. Schedule a date for installation.

New mail address:

No one wants to miss the emails and bills they receive. So, be wise and make a change of address list when moving house.

Label the boxes:

It is foolish to pack boxes without labeling. You may create a mess when opening those boxes. Each box should be labeled according to the thing it contains and its destination. For instance, pots/kitchen.

Grab important documents:

We all have such documents which are not used much but they have great importance. I am pointing to social security cards, medical records, birth certificates, and insurance policies. Grab these documents and put them in a bag or something like that.

It is good to capture photos of valuable items:

There is a great probability that one of your fragile objects may break during the move. So, you should take photos of these breakable items like antique mirrors of grandpa or a computer. By this, you will prove that the item was damaged during the move. These pictures can help you get your claim.

Explore your surroundings:

When you move to a new town you’ll not find your old barber, salon, or doctor. Exploring the town will help you in this regard. Do the research to find the local businesses which are suitable for you.

Clean your former home:

After packing is complete it is good to take a tour of the house to check any missing goods. Once this step is complete, clean your house.

Make a moving announcement:

Inform your family and friends that you are moving you can do this by sending an e-mail or a text to them. They will have your new address and it’ll get easier to contact you.

Clean the new home:

Before the furniture is in the house, clean it. It is possible that the former owner did not take the responsibility for cleaning the house. Or the cleaning is not to your standards. Call for a cleaning service to do that for you. They’ll make your house good as new.


The new home may need some improvements. There are some repairs which are more important than other tasks. For instance leaky plumbing, windows without a lock, and more. Take care of these issues before moving in.

Let’s move:

Before the move tries to donate the things which are useless for you. Also, make a list of things which you want to get replaced. Keep the measurements of the new home in mind, so you’ll know which goods can fit there. Label all the boxes. Also, prepare an open-first box. This box contains all the necessities in 24 hours.

Keep the above checklist in mind before moving in. Now, let’s move to your new home.

Post-move essentials:

Congrats you have moved your belongings to your new home. But still, there is a lot to do. It is not necessary to manage the whole house in one day, we can set daily goals. Let’s create an easy-to-follow schedule.

Ask friends or family to help:

Two hands are always better than one. The first days of unpacking are very tough, you can ask your friends or family to come and assist you. To make the unpacking smooth create a logical order for unpacking. By planning, unpacking will get easier and faster.

Never forget to change locks:

We do not know who has the keys to this house as someone else was using it. Hire a locksmith or reinstall the locks by yourself. It is a simple task but it’ll make your home more secure.

Locate the circuit-breaker:

You may need to reset the breaker or replace a fuse. If there is no power it is not easy to search for it in the dark. Circuit-breakers are usually located in hallways, in storage closets, or in basements. 

Home security system:

Moving is the best time to set up security. If you own a system update or if you are already in a contract then contact your service provider. Smart home security home systems are the best option for home security. If you are installing the security for the first time then take your time to select this first security system.

Prepare backup for a lock-out situation:

It is common to get locked out of your new house. It happens, and you should prepare for it. You can hide an extra key under the doormat, install a garage code (if you have any). You may have a buddy who can secure an extra set of keys for these emergencies.

Test smoke detectors:

It is easy to install smoke detectors and inexpensive, and can you and your loved ones in case of fire. But sometimes they can malfunction. It is always important to check the smoke detector in your new home. Light a match under the sensor to see if it is working or not.

Make a maintenance checklist for moving:

It is good to perform maintenance checks to keep the home in better shape. This list may include cleaning gutters, checking the snowplow and bathroom drains. You can contact local services for these tasks.

Party time:

After the unpacking is complete and the home is in good shape. It is time to invite your friends and families to a housewarming party. Relax and enjoy yourself with your loved ones. Instead of wasting time on tiny improvements make memories. You will get time for those tasks but a party can get your energy back.

We hope that this blog was helpful:

We hope that you have found the answer to “What to do when moving house?” in our blog.  We tried to stack all the things to do when moving house. Let us know if you need our help in packing or moving your furniture, car, or fragile objects.

The Affordable Home and Office Removalists

The Affordable Home and Office Removalists

The Affordable Home and Office Removalists

There are multiple removal companies on sunshine coasts, and Burleigh mini-stores and removals are some of the most reliable removalists. We have helped many families in moving their house and we have also worked for many offices. We have never disappointed any of our customers. We wish to take away all of your stress. You can just sit back and relax after assigning the task to us. To know more about our work contact our customer service. 

Why are we better?

We offer the most affordable home and office removals. We have the best equipment and experienced staff to move your goods. You will find our work efficient and stress-free. We can handle challenging and unusual moving projects professionally. We move furniture and boxed goods. We can also carry pianos, sporting equipment, artwork, and many more. We are one of the most trusted removal companies you can trust us, we will deliver your goods without any damage. 

If you are not willing to take everything with you, we can store that extra luggage for you. You can store them for a short time or a longer time. 

If you are still not convinced, then have a look at the key points below:

  1. We offer affordable removals in the sunshine coast
  2. When we work with your belongings are insured 
  3. We can handle all kinds of tasks
  4. We can work on fixed prices or hourly rates
  5. We can arrange storage for you 

Prices are affordable and professionalism is never compromised:

Our trucks are fully equipped, there are pads, straps, trolleys, and other tools to make the moving experience easier. No corners are cut when we deal with your luggage, we aim to give the best moving experience. You will find our services within your budget. 

We are on the sunshine coast to give the best services to our customers. So, if you are looking for affordable removalists then you can contact us. We are always here to assist you in your removals tasks. 

5 reasons to choose us:

Here are 5 reasons you should choose our services. 

  1. Reliable: Our work is smooth, we can move your belonging without creating any mess. We handle your task quickly, safely, and carefully. 
  2. Professional: Our rates are affordable but we don’t like to compromise on professionalism. We have experienced staff who know the exact implementation of professionalism. 
  3. Onsite Quotes: We do know that everyone has different requirements, so it is better to move according to the customer’s needs. So, to fulfill this requirement we go to our clients and provide them with a free quote. 
  4. No damage: We guarantee the safety of your equipment. We do our best to carry your luggage to the desired location without any damage. 
  5. Experience: We don’t have amateurs on our team. We just hire a person who knows how to handle a task professionally.


You will find many removalists on the sunshine coast. They will offer cheaper rates. But the price is not the factor for a removing company. You should know about their staff. That company should have satisfied customers. Luckily we have all those factors. You can contact us about your moving task. We guarantee to carry your goods without any damage. 

Frequently asked questions:

You may still have some questions in your mind regarding removalists. We have tried to answer the most commonly asked questions about this topic. 

How much time is required to move a house?

Every move is different. The required time depends on some conditions like stairs or lifts, the distance between the properties, and many others. 

How can I reduce the cost of my move?

You can reduce the cost of your move by preparing in advance. You can dismantle your beds and move the lighter items to one area. But don’t bother about the heavy items our professionals can handle this task for you. 

Can you pack and unpack goods?

Yes, we can pack and unpack your goods. Our staff can handle this task for you efficiently. 

Can I pack household goods in my car?

No, you cannot as it will violate custom formalities. The only items that can go with the car are its belongings like a spare tire, warning triangle, first aid kit, etc. It is not allowed to use the car as a shipping container.

Most Important 17 Storage tips for your Home appliances

How to Find Cheap Removalists in Gold Coast

How to Find Cheap Removalists in Gold Coast

Cheap removalists in Gold Coast and Brisbane

It is not easy to remove bulky objects. If an amateur tries it, he may get hurt. Also, it would help if you moved fragile items with care. An unprofessional person will not be able to do this task correctly. If you are looking to attempt any removing task, then you should contact professionals like Burleigh mini-stores and removals. Contact for any removing job. We do care about our customers. We offer a very affordable price and cheap removalists on Gold Coast. We will remove your luggage to the desired location without any damage. We provide our team with the best equipment, and all of them are well experienced. So, when our team takes charge of your work, you will not have to worry about it. 

What are the qualities of removalists?

A professional company like Burleigh mini-stores and removalists follow a few sets of codes. These codes help in removing your stuff with care.

  1. Follow the time and deliver nicely
  2. We have the best packaging material for making your belongings
  3. We hire experienced staff
  4. We are specialists in both commercial and residential removals
  5. Our services are insured
  6. Our priority is client satisfaction
  7. We also offer a storage service
  8. We offer super cheap removals
  9. We guarantee 100% satisfaction 

If you are looking to hire removalists, then you should have a look at the client testimonials. So, you will know what the strengths of that company are. Contact us if you are willing to learn more. 

We are well experienced:

Are you interested in giving your fragile items to a group of newbies? If still yes, then what is attracting you? Is that a tag of the low price? We are glad to inform you that we also offer an affordable price. We are well experienced and professional. We are the best cheap removalists on Gold Coast. We are in this for years.

We have made many satisfied customers, and we are hoping to make more customers. We have the best equipment and a team of well-experienced men to ensure that we move your items with care. Also, if unfortunately, we meet an accident, the insurance is there to cover the damage. 

We are ready to pick up any luggage, whether it is residential or commercial. We will be there on time to assist you. 

Get removal services for home or office:

Do you need to remove the bulky and fragile items? You will need experts for them. You can contact us, and all of your worries will be ours. We are super cheap removalists in Gold Coast, and we give priority to customer satisfaction. We never disappoint our clients. You will find that we work with perfection. 

We are operating in the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We service our trucks regularly, which minimizes the threat of on-the-way breakdown. Our team is known all over the town for their punctuality and professionalism. And we guarantee that you will also enjoy our service. Stop wasting time and fix a date with us to remove your goods. 

Top-quality service:

Do you know why our removal company is one of the best? We prepare the best removal plan according to your goods and environmental condition. We pick up and pack your luggage with great care and perfection. When you assign the task to us, you can relax, and we will take care of everything from start to end. 

We can do the provided task within the deadline so that you can settle quickly in the new place. If you hire us, there will be no worry like a broken sofa or any fragile object. To enjoy a stress-free move process, hire Burleigh mini-stores and removalists. 

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There are many cheap removalists in Gold Coast and Brisbane. But it would help if you go for the best. We have an experienced staff, they do know about removing heavy or fragile objects. We ensure your items. If unfortunately, if something happens to your goods, there will be a backup. We will pack your stuff, and it will be delivered to the desired location without creating any mess. You can count on us if you need a company for removing tasks.

Frequently asked questions:

People ask many questions about removalists. We have tried to answer the most common of them:

How do I prepare for removalists?

Remember the following points if you are thinking of calling the removers.

  • Clean your house completely 
  • Remove the unwanted items
  • Pack your belongings 
  • Call the removers 
  • Put the heavy things first and then the lights ones 

What is the best way to remove a house?

Below given points are beneficial while removing a house:

  1. Fix a date with the removal company 
  2. Arrange your belongings
  3. Finish your packing as soon as possible 
  4. Make an inventory 
  5. First, arrange the utilities 
  6. Use the recommended material for packing 
  7. Label each box properly 

What are the essential things to do when moving into a new house?


  1. When you buy a new house, first change all of the locks for safety. 
  2. Update the addresses where necessary, like school, office, etc. 
  3. You change the toilet seat as well. 
  4. Have a look at smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. 
  5. Also, take a look at the breaker box 
  6. Don’t forget to clean the cabinets and closets. 
  7. Handle the significant maintenance tasks in the priority. 

Exceptional Best Removals and Storage Services Gold Coast

Best Secure Self Storage Solutions Across Gold Coast

Best Secure Self Storage Solutions Across Gold Coast

Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals have brought you the best storage in Gold Coast. We are here with the best storage options on the Gold Coast. We serve all across the Gold Coast. You will find us in the Gold Coast and its surrounding areas. No matter where you are moving, we are there to secure your goods. You will hear our name in Burleigh Heads, Broadbeach, Nerang, Robina, Southport, and all the surrounding areas. We are one of the best self storage Gold Coast companies

We offer a cheap storage unit on the Gold Coast. We will store anything for you. Whether it is your furniture, piano, or some kind of electronics. We can assure you that it will be secure under our watch. We have a large space to secure anything. Get our services for self-storage in Gold Coast. 

If you are reconstructing your house. Or there are some goods which are covering extra space. Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is here to help you. Whether it is your piano, furniture, a boat, a caravan, or some kind of electronic we are here to provide you with the perfect storage. Those five-star reviews represent our quality service. We have the best storage sheds on the Gold Coast. You can also contact us for furniture storage in Gold Coast. Our services have great quality also they are within your budget. We can say that we have the best rentals on the Gold Coast. 

Our services are within budget:

We offer the best prices in the market. You’ll be glad to know about our offers. We have a cheap storage unit on the Gold Coast. But we don’t compromise on the security of the goods. Also, we have many storage sheds on the Gold Coast. And we have the best furniture storage on Gold Coast. By hiring us you will not just save some bucks but also, you’ll have easy access to your goods.

If you have the question “can I get self storage near me?”. The answer is “yes!”. We can find a storage location near you. Some people are looking to rent their property as storage spaces. So contact Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals to find storage spaces near you. 

We can help you find different kinds of spaces on the Gold Coast. When you are storing something there is a purpose of keeping it secure from damage. Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals can even find you a space on the same street, so you can save some moving costs as well. So, we can say that we provide the best storage on the Gold Coast. 

Are you building a new house? You can purchase new appliances and we will secure them for you while you finish the build. We will store your collection of wine with some room to grow. Allow us to save your books and records. We can also save your extra clothes.

It is not just the furniture or some other goods, we can also help you find a good parking spot. If you are traveling or you are out for work then you might need to park your car at a secure place. We’ll find you the perfect parking point near your location. You can save some bucks by choosing our services. 

You can store other heavy items which may cover extra space at your place. For instance, a man can have a boat or a caravan. These items should be stored near your home so you can get easy access. Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals can find you the perfect location for your second vehicle or a place where you can secure your tools. 

We have enough options for storage on the Gold Coast. You can always say, “I have storage near me.”. We offer the best furniture storage on Gold Coast. You can ask our assistance either you are traveling or moving to a resort. We are always ready to find you the best storage on the Gold Coast. 

You can reach us online as well. We offer the best rentals on the Gold Coast. We assure you that your luggage is always secure with us. So, contact Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals if you need any storage services. 

You don’t have to worry even a bit when it comes to storage on Gold Coast. We have got all kinds of spaces. We will provide you with storage facilities whenever you need them. So, contact me today to get your stuff secure. 

Long-term or short-term storage:

You can get our services for temporary or long-term use. Take advantage of our services for as long as you want. We offer a monthly payment system. You will have to pay for only what you use.  

Self-storage Gold Coast:

When it comes to self-storage Gold Coast you cannot keep our name behind as we are one of the best in the market. It is your choice to select the space it can be undercover, outdoor, garage, or a warehouse. And we will keep your car, furniture, or any other goods secure. It is not a lie that we have a cheap storage unit in Gold Cost

How do we proceed?

We follow a very simple method to get your goods secured

  1. Use our storage calculator to get an idea of the price. You can also discuss your requirements with our team. 
  2. Our team will reach your location. And will carefully take away your luggage. 
  3. They take it to the warehouse or the place of your choice. 
  4. You can get your goods whenever you like. 

Are you thinking to lease your place on a lease?

Many individuals are looking for free space on the Gold Coast. You could earn a healthy amount by renting your place each month. An easy method to make money on the Gold Coast. You just have to use your extra space. We will handle all of the paperwork for you and you will get paid. Just lease out your garage, basement, or parking space. An easy method to earn some extra bucks.

Benefits of our storage services:

You already know that we have a variety of free spaces, you can store all of your goods through us. There are many benefits to choosing Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals storage. 

We can guarantee the safety of your goods. We have the best furniture storage in Gold Coast. Our professional crew is always ready to carry your goods. You can just relax and rest assured that your goods are safe and sound under our security. 

If you choose us, you’ll also become one of our satisfied customers. We can give you the perfect storage in Gold Coast. Just pick up the phone or fill out the online form.   

Popular storage locations:

We store your goods in 

  1. Gold Coast
  2. Burleigh Heads

These are our popular locations. 

Author Bio- My Name is Peter De Witt and I’m the Manager of Burleigh Mini stores and removals Gold Coast. I’ve started this company to help them with moving or storing their goods. That is the reason the rates are very affordable. I believe, “Care is one of the most important factors of the company”

20 best moving tips and Hacks

Most Important 17 Storage tips for your Home appliances

Most Important 17 Storage tips for your Home appliances

Do you have extra goods at your place? Are you reconstructing your house and need a storage location? Then don’t worry because Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is here to provide you storage in Burleigh. We are always ready to secure your goods. We have all kinds of storage sheds in Burleigh Heads. There is no such thing that we cannot store. Either it is your car or some furniture.

Your goods are always secure with us. We can sure your car, boat, caravan, furniture or your office documents. We can always find suitable storage in Burleigh heads for you.

What is good about Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals?

We can secure anything for you. It can be a boat, a car, or just a box-set of DVDs. We can fulfill all of your needs of self-storage in Burleigh heads. We have several storage sheds in Burleigh Heads. Are you searching on google that “storage units near me”? You have come to the right place. We will store your goods in a shed which will be nearest to you.

Now, let’s know about our security. We can assure you that your goods will be secure with us. It will be secure from all the dangers. We give our best to keep your goods safe and sound. That Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is the best name of storage in Burleigh Heads.

Some tips about storing your belongings:

When storing stuff one thing is very important, that is it should stay safe. Here are some tips that you can use while storing your goods. If you follow these tips the chances of damage are reduced to none.

First, read these tips that you should do:

  1.   Always use the best storage boxes. Luckily, we also provide storage boxes. The quality of our boxes is at its best.
  2.   Fill the boxes. Avoid overfilling. Do not fill them partially they will tip over and collapse.
  3.   Pack heavy items in small boxes. They will be easy to lift in these boxes.
  4.   Do make a list of stored items. So, you can remember each item.
  5.   To protect your fragile items wrap them in a bubble sheet.
  6.   Clean your garden equipment before storing it.
  7.   To protect the table leg wrap it in a bubble sheet.
  8.   Use wardrobe boxes to store the clothes. These boxes will keep your dresses in shape.
  9.   Placing the heavy items first in the unit is a good technique as it will build a solid base.
  10.   Choose a storage space. Place the most needed items near the front door.
  11.   To use maximum space, place the same size boxes together.
  12.   Avoid placing heavy items on mattresses or sofas.
  13.   Use a protective cover on your soft furniture.
  14.   Use a cloth or paper to separate the chairs.
  15.   Don’t close the refrigerator doors.
  16.   Use mirror boxes to store pictures or mirrors. Mark them as fragile and placed them at the end.
  17.   To protect the goods from the dust cover them with a sheet.

Here are some tips that you should avoid while storing:

  1.       Don’t allow others to access your goods.
  2.       Properly lock your unit
  3.       Avoid storing paint or any other toxic material.
  4.       Remember you cannot store weapons at a self-storage unit.
  5.       Don’t store flammable goods.
  6.       It is not a good thing to share your key with others.

Frequently asked questions:

There are many questions asked about storage in Burleigh. Let’s have a look at them and know about the Burleigh storage system.

Can I turn off my fridge a day before moving?

You can, but most fridges are frost-free these days. You should turn it off only an hour before moving it.

What should not be stored?

In Burleigh storage sheds you cannot store paint, flammables, and gas bottles. To have a secure shed for all of our clients.

How long can I store my goods?

We have both long-term and short-term options. You can store your goods for just one week or months or years.

What if I need the goods?

Accessing those goods is not a problem. Just contact our staff to let us know what things you require.

What is the size of your storage areas?

We have a wide range of storage spaces. You can store just a few items or goods that can occupy a 5-bedroom house.

Can I store my cars or boats?

We can take care of your cars, boats or caravans easily. They are always undercover and protected.

Why Our Removal Service Is The Best In Burleigh At Gold Coast Removalists

20 best moving tips and Hacks

20 best moving tips and Hacks

PackingAre you reconstructing your house? Do you have goods which are covering extra space? Or you are thinking to move to a new house? If you are having trouble with your goods, then stop getting worried and contact Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals and remove those extra things. We are the best removalists in town. With our perfect vehicles and professional crew, we can remove anything for you. Either it is your old furniture, useless electronics, or junk from the construction. Even we can help you in relocating your house. You can also contact us if you are changing the location of your office. We are always ready to assist you in moving your goods or useless items.

If you want small removalists on the Gold coast then we are your best choice. We can get rid of everything which is no longer useful to you. We can remove all kinds of heavy items. We are always ready to meet new challenges. We can proudly say that we are one of the best small removalists on the Gold coast. Have a look at Gold coast removalist’s reviews to know our reputation.

Here are some moving tips:

When moving items, we should keep these small things in mind to keep our goods safe and to make our work easier. Below we have listed some Do and Don’t about move things.


  1.       Before starting estimate the required quantity of packing supplies, so you don’t have to order again and again.
  2.       Use the right size boxes for each item. It should fit in perfectly. Avoid leaving the box partially filled.
  3.       When filling boxes put heavier items at the bottom at the lighter ones on the top.
  4.       Don’t put items from different rooms in the same box. Because it can get difficult to find items when needed.
  5.       Label each box with the description of items in it.
  6.       Apply tape on boxes.
  7.       Ask for special crafts when moving expensive art.
  8.       Make bundles of breakables. Wrap them with a piece of paper, don’t leave a space between them.
  9.       Pack every fragile object with care.
  10.       Hire only a licensed mover.
  11.      Use small boxes for heavy items such as books. Then it’ll be easier to carry them.
  12.      Try to donate or give away your used boxes.

moving tips and hacks



  1.       Don’t hire removalists who are not recommended by the people you trust.
  2.       Don’t forget to carry goods from your storage, like a garage or a shed.
  3.       Do not use boxes, again and again, buy new ones.
  4.       Pack your stuff as soon as possible.
  5.       When hiring small removalists in Gold coast don’t just consider the price. Experience, knowledge, and skills also matter.
  6.       Don’t water the plants for two days before the move.
  7.       Before the truck leaves go and check the house thoroughly to check for any left item.
  8.       Avoid talking with the movers when they are moving heavy items

 Do recommend others if you liked our services.

Why choose Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals?

This is a question, which you should ask. As there are other small removalists on the Gold coast. What is different about us? We have a well-known reputation in this business. We can remove your goods in no time. You can contact us for any work related to rubbish removal on the Gold coast. We give a quick response as we don’t want to waste your time. Those five-star reviews are good enough to tell about our removal services. We will remove bulky items without damaging other goods at your place. Just contact us to get your useless belongings removed.

Frequently asked questions:

There are many questions related to small removalists on the Gold coast. We have answered a few of them.

When should I book my move?

You should book as early as possible. Because you will be added to our schedule and we will know when to carry your goods.

Will you pack my furniture?

Sure, we can pack your furniture. Our trained professionals will pack your furniture with care. We provide both packing and unpacking services.

Do you have packing equipment?

Yes, we have all of the packing supplies. We have boxes, bubble wrap, tape, marking pens, wine bottle boxes, tissue paper, mattress cover, and all of the other packing requirements.

Will you provide office relocation services?

We can help you in relocating your office. We will pack your office furniture and relocate it wherever you like.

If you want to learn more about us then contact our customer service

How to Find Cheap Removalists in Gold Coast

Why Our Removal Service Is The Best In Burleigh At Gold Coast Removalists

Why Our Removal Service Is The Best In Burleigh At Gold Coast Removalists

cta-imagePROBLEM: Everything looks cool when moving to Burleigh Heads. But one thing is always tricky to handle, that is moving the stuff. There can be heavy furniture, a piano, electronics, or even flimsy objects. A normal person cannot handle them. Either they will hurt themself or the goods will be broken. So, it is not wise to handle this arduous task all by yourself.

SOLUTION: You should hire a removal company for this task. Professionals will do your bulky carrying and heavy lifting work wisely. They have the experience to handle the task with ease. Your goods will be carried away in no time. So, save your time and energy and contact a removal company such as Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals.  

Get the best removal services in Burleigh Heads at Gold Coast

If you are looking for the best removalists in Burleigh then Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is a great choice. We are in this field for more than a decade. In this working time, we have made many satisfied customers. We provide quality service at a reasonable price. We move your goods with care and they are not damaged under our watch. We are the most known Gold Coast Removalists. We can become your removalists from Gold Coast to Brisbane. We can proudly say that most of our customers are referred by our satisfied clients.

Allow us to become your Gold Coast removalists. Our crew can handle any kind of bulky work. And your fragile goods are moved with precautions. We do our best to keep your goods safe.

What do we move?

boxesNo task is small or large for us. We can move anything either small or big. You can contact us to move anything our men will reach to you. We can remove furniture, piano, electronics, or any fragile object. You will love our working methodology. Your satisfaction is our priority. We can also help in complete home relocation or an office move. No matter what the work is Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is there to help.

We are leading Gold Coast removalists based in Burleigh Heads

When it comes to the list of best removalists in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast then you cannot miss Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals. We are one of the best removalists in the entire Gold Coast and we can help you to relocate to the Gold Coast and its surrounding regions for as far as you need us to drive. We can be your removalists from Gold Coast to Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast. Also, we will carry your goods over the border to New South Wales and into Tweed Heads, or in Queensland to Robina, Southport, Hope Island, Logan, Brisbane, and beyond.

What makes Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals different?

Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is one of the best Gold Coast removalists. You can always count on us. We’ll move your bulky or breakable goods in no time. We have perfect trucks to carry your goods. When an assignment is given to us your all worries become ours. Whenever we move something, we move it as we move our goods or luggage. We are a proud member of AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association).

Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals storage services are here to help with affordable storage units

You might want to store your bulky goods such as furniture to be stored somewhere before moving to a new location. Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals have got you covered on this issue. We are the best Gold Coast removalists and storage providers, bar none. Your furniture will be safe and sound under our protection. You will love our storage services.

Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals storage

We help you in relocation:

It is usual for people to change the location of their living. It can be due to a changed job or a problem in the neighborhood. The main problem in relocation is carrying the goods. Some goods are too bulky to carry and some of them are fragile. Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is the best Gold Coast removalist. When it comes to furniture removalists Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is the best. We will carry your furniture without any worries. So, whenever you want to move just contact us to take care of your tough work.

Packaging services:

Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals can also help you in packing your luggage. We use boxes and tapes to pack the stuff with ease. If you are having a problem with packing then don’t hesitate to contact Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals. 

We are your mini movers:

We can also handle small tasks. As no task is small or big for us. We can handle every task with care. We can become your mini movers. We are always ready to carry any goods for you. Just allow us to become your Gold Coast removalists.

We fulfill the requirements of customers:

We focus on every individual task. We met all the challenges successfully. We can move anything including piano and other bulky stuff. With this, we have become the priority of our customers.

Prices are affordable:

Our prices are always affordable. You’ll find our quality services within your budget. We want to earn your trust so we offer the fairest rates in the market.

Satisfied customers:

Our customers have given us the best Gold Coast removalists reviews. Many of them have given us five-star reviews and now we are their priority. If you want to receive the best removal experience then just contact Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals.

 We assure you that:

All of the things mentioned above are true. When it comes to quality work, we are the best furniture removalists, and handling all of your bulky work is our specialty. Our moving services are just a call away. You will find our work free of mess and stress. We have only a professional crew to handle your fragile objects. We have completed all of our challenges successfully. None of our customers were disappointed with our performance.

Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is a name of pride for us. If you are thinking to move your house, or to relocate the office you will need to remove the goods. Allow the professionals to handle your huge or delicate goods. And make yourself busy with something more important. Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is just a call away.     

Moving House With A Cat: Top Tips and Recommendation.