Exceptional Toy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Exceptional Toy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Do you have kids? So, they will have toys, and it is a fact that kids just love toys. A big collection of toys is a dream of every child. But, if this dream comes true it becomes a nightmare for the parents. They might find toys in every corner of the house. The moms will not like the messy house at all. You should have a proper way to store those toys. Below we have shared a few exceptional toy storage ideas. So, without wasting any time let’s find some kid’s storage solutions. 

Furniture with storage:

We can find furniture that includes storage. The benches that open to give storage are an amazing place to hide the toys when you don’t want your children to see them. You can easily hide the puzzles or other games inside the drawers or cupboards of coffee tables or end tables. Sometimes it is not easy to purchase this furniture. But you can buy them from discount shops. This will bring a big change in your home’s appearance. I am sure that it is one of the best kid’s exceptional toy storage ideas. 

Woven baskets:

When you don’t have enough space to put the toys, you can simply get some woven baskets to hide the toys. You can easily put these baskets anywhere you want. This will help you to keep your place clean. 

Plastic tubs:

Most families prefer to buy plastic tubs for toy storage. Because they can easily label the tub with each child’s name on it. If the tubs have a lid you can easily put them on shelves hidden from the kids. You can find them for just one dollar in dollar stores or discount stores. 

Try pushing the couch:

You can create a space behind your couch. You can keep the toys behind the couch to hide them from your kids. If you have a small space with large traffic you can even put bigger toys behind the couch. Though they will not be hidden they will not become a hurdle in the path. You can also put the toys under a table. 

Use a shoe rack:

It is also a fine Exceptional toy storage idea. You can use a shoe rack for small stuffed animals or action figures or for barbie dolls. A sliding shoe rack is a good option to hold barbies, action figures, and cars. 

Stick it:

Here is a great storage idea for small toys and craft supplies. Hang small boxes or bins with the refrigerator using a magnet or suction. Use these containers to store small toys or the crafts made by your kids. 

The method of creating these containers is very simple. Take empty boxes of pasta or any small container. By using glue and paint, create a cute looking storage container. 

Roll the toys in or out:

It is good to have a cart or shelf with wheels for toy storage, as you can easily carry it in or out. It is inexpensive and you put a pile of stackable toy bins on it. 

Portable toy caddies:

Portable toy caddies are of great help in toy storage. You can fill these caddies with small toys or crafts and at the end of the day, you can easily store them away. 

The wall hooks:

Wall hooks are placed inside a closet. These hooks are used for hanging rockets, small baskets of toys and you can also hang doll clothes there. You can also apply it to your wall if it is neat.

Increase some space outside the living room:

You should make the best use of extra space outside of your living room. A bed skirt is a great storage idea for storing toys and games which are not currently in use. Stack the toys according to their size so you can use the best use of storage space. For stuffed animals or balls you can use hang mesh bags. These mesh bags will keep the floor clean. 

Toy hammocks:

It is a great option for you if your kids have a lot of stuffed toys. It is a good option to place the toys. A hammock is usually put over the child’s bed to make it easily accessible. 

Kids bookshelf with storage:

It is a two in one solution. It is a great option for you if you don’t have a big space. You can store the kids and their toys on this shelf. It is an easy to store and easy to get an option. 

Frequently asked questions:

You may still have some questions about this topic. We have tried to give answers to a few commonly asked questions. 

How do you store toys in a playroom?

Here are a few tips for storing the toys in a playroom:

  • Never expect perfection
  • Use baskets or bins to store the toys
  • It is not important to label everything
  • Create a child friendly environment
  • Display your child’s creativity inside the room

How do you store toys in Montessori?

We store toys in labeled buckets put on shelves. Empty buckets mean toys are in use. For the most frequently used toys, it is recommended to use bins. 

How do you store old toys?

Keep these kinds of toys in a dry place, away from sunlight and away from mice or insects. You can store them in your bedroom or closet or under the guest bed. It is not recommended to keep the toys in the basement, garage, or the place which is rarely visited. 


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