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Moving House With A Cat: Top Tips and Recommendation.

Moving House With A Cat: Top Tips and Recommendation.

One of the most familiar figures in the home is that of the pet, which is practically part of the family and of the house itself, mostly when we talk about cats, which take over every corner of the house and most of the time they do not leave the house.

There is a famous phrase that sums up all this: “Cats have no owner, they have a home.” By this, we mean that cats form a special bond with the place where they live; in this case, we suggest a house. So if we are going to move, we have a little problem with our cat. We will see some recommendations to carry out a move with cats to be more bearable both for the cat itself and for us.

Cats are animals of habit; they are deeply rooted in their home and their “hobbies,” so if something comes to disturb their usual routine, they can react differently. Many of these animals may not take the change well and show behaviors to strangers.

The move can turn into a stressful situation for the family when moving house with a cat. Although it is not possible to have a conversation with your cat, you should know that there are several ways to find out if your cat is happy, relaxed, or on the contrary, if he is upset and distressed. If you are about to moving house with a cat and you are concerned about how your cat may react to this change, you should know the following. In this article, we can share your moving house with a cat: top tips and how to settle a cat into a new home.

Before moving with Cats

The main problem that we can find in the movie is the stress and fear that the cat can suffer from the noise and blows of a move when packing the belongings and disassembling furniture.

To do this, we must try to make the cat suffer as little as possible these consequences. How do we do this? We can find a corner of our home isolated from the area with the most noise. In this place, we will lock the cat with all its necessities, such as water, food, bed, etc.

At this point in the move, it would be important that the cat is not left alone; this way, it would feel safer. And to make this stage more bearable, we could do things with him that he likes, such as brushing him, making him sleep on top of us, tickling and pampering him, or playing with him.

When Moving with a cat: Changes in the face of moving

The most important thing during the moving with cats is that our friend finds his smell in the new home not to be lost in his new environment. The best thing for him is to distribute his scent throughout the new house before taking him; in this way, we will prevent your kitten’s fears from growing (completely losing his territory).

So we must act with foresight and do it before taking our pet to the new home for the first time.

The details to follow during the move from the old home to the new house are also important. One of the best guidelines is to let the cat freely explore the modified rooms or corners of the new home. The exploration of places by a cat reassures them by recognizing that the area does not consist of dangers; therefore, their stress level low, and they do not enter a chaotic or uncomfortable state.

The carrier is the best place to take our cat during the transfer. The cat mustn’t eat or drink large amounts just before traveling, as it can cause vomiting and dizziness. The carrier must be fixed in the car, so that it does not move a lot, and that it is in a well ventilated and air-conditioned place, if possible, together with the person with whom it has the most attractive in the family. We must be monitoring our cat well so that if we observe any discomfort or an exaggerated reaction, we can stop to attend to its needs.

How to do it when moving with cats?

To do this, you can rub a cloth impregnated with its scent all over the main areas of the house: doors, lower parts of the walls and furniture, windows, etc.

Also, try to preserve the original position of your things in the new home, at least as close as possible. And if we are lucky enough to have the keys to the new house before the last change, take the animal to visit the house before the previous shift. This way the difference will not be so drastic for your cat.

Here are seven simple things you can do to help ease your cat’s anxiety during a move to a new home.

7 Tips for moving with a cat

# Consider Pheromone Therapy

Start pheromones as soon as you start packing your belongings. Use them during the move and continue to use them while you settle into your new home.

Most cats love boxes, and while you are packing, they will be delighted, but despite the initial joy of playing in the fun cardboard boxes scattered everywhere, your cat will soon start to feel that something is wrong. Something is not quite right. And that’s when you will begin to stress, so it’s best to use pheromones in that phase as well.

There are many ways to give your cat relaxing pheromones. Pheromone diffusers, sprays, and wipes can help you deal with moving anxiety.

# Continue your cat’s daily routine

If you’re about to move, you may be busy running errands, but don’t forget to keep up with your cat’s usual routine as much as possible. Try to preserve food and playtimes so that the animal does not perceive the change so drastically.

# Keep it in a safe room on moving day

The day you must leave the old house, while the moving company does its work carrying the boxes and furniture, you keep the cat safe in a closed room, where it has food, water, and its litter box, as well like a toy you trust.

The main reason is that the front door will likely stay open for a long time while cargo trips are being made, and the cat can get away without you noticing. Another reason to take into account is that the cat is over-stressed by seeing so much movement at home. Put a sign on that room’s door saying do not open so that the movers or friends who are helping take it into account.

# Get him used to the carrier

If you move to a remote place, this point becomes even more critical. Kittens tend not to like being locked in their carrier very much, and you will have already seen this on trips to the vet. Therefore, it is best that during the days before the move, you try to get used to it by leaving it in a place of trust for the cat and open, so that it can come and go for a few days. You can put a treat or toy that he likes inside to give him more incentive.

If you go to a house far from the current one and will have to spend a long time locked up, consider with your veterinarian the option of administering a sedative or similar. It is essential to consult with the vet.

# Present a single room when arriving at the new house

Your cat may become overwhelmed if you set him free in his new home or start moving him from room to room. Enter him in a single room, and in that same, he leaves all his things (food, water, sandbox); in this way, he can gradually get used to the room.

# Slowly show him new rooms

When the cat is calmer in the presentation room you have chosen for him in the new home, slowly introduce him into new rooms. At the same time, you cuddle him and perform discreet activities such as reading or watching television. When he starts exploring, offer your cat some attention and maybe a few extra treats to play with to make him feel comfortable in his new home.

# Impregnate the new house with its smell

One thing you should do is make the cat feel comfortable and secure in the new home, and that will be easier if he recognizes your scent in it. Do not wash their toys or their blankets or cushions.

Also, to keep his smell in the sandbox, you must bring the same sand that he used from the last house to recognize it.

How to know when my cat is NOT comfortable?

  • Excessive grooming: Excessive grooming in cats could reflect a time of stress for cats. Cats frequently use behaviors such as grooming to feel better during stressful situations or when they are anxious.
  • Lack of appetite: The problem is that the less the cat eats, the worse it will feel, and its appetite will decline even more.
  • Serious meow: Indicates a complaint or discontent.
  • Hide or shy away from contact
  • Spray urine marks
  • Marking with vertical scratches
  • Not be in motion or activity

Moving with many cats

If there are several felines, the first thing to consider is the logistics of the move: Who will go with whom and go alone? It is unnecessary to have a carrier for each of them. Still, it is essential that if one of them is more unruly or incredibly territorial, travel in personal space for him.

So days before moving with cats, we will have to decide the means of transport for each of them and we will think about how we will move the feline population. See if we can carry more than one together in the same carrier or if we have to buy an additional one.

Pets that are more nervous and elusive will be the first to be arranged in their respective carriers if possible first thing in the day before the moving workers arrive. Although we will be very sorry, it is not advisable to release them until we reach the new home. The calmer felines can be disposed of in their means of transport when leaving the old house.

In the new home

Once we have arrived at our new home, before proceeding with the move, it is good practice to let the cat explore its new home with ease. Once this has been done, we will act as the first step of the move, isolating the cat as much as possible from noise and sudden movements of the move while it is finished. Once this is completed, we will look for places in the home where we can offer it a similar aspect to the one it had in the previous house since cats are animals of habit.

How to know if my cat is HAPPY and comfortable in the new home?

  • Lift the tail with a relaxed movement of the tip
  • Curiosity and desire to play
  • Enjoy your meal
  • Snuggles with you
  • Make signs of affection
  • Lie on your back with your legs stretched out.

After moving house with a cat should pay more attention than usual to our cat, offering pampering, affection, and its favorite foods.” Burleigh Mini Stores and Removals” started its activity as a moving house and storage company in Gold Coast, QLD. Our company has  20 years of experience in the moving sector. With little means, but with a highly motivated team, he managed to open a path among the competitors.

After the first days, the cat will adopt without problem to the new home. If everything has been done delicately and pampering, the cat will not suffer stress and will be happy in its new home.

Our feline friend will need a few days to adapt to the new home. Therefore, upon arrival, we will close all the doors and windows to prevent it from escaping, moved by so many strange feelings. The first explorations will always be inside the house, and their early exits will be accompanied by our supervision so that once settled in the new home, they also get used to the outside environment.


Most Important 17 Storage tips for your Home appliances

Most Important 17 Storage tips for your Home appliances

Do you have extra goods at your place? Are you reconstructing your house and need a storage location? Then don’t worry because Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is here to provide you storage in Burleigh. We are always ready to secure your goods. We have all kinds of storage sheds in Burleigh Heads. There is no such thing that we cannot store. Either it is your car or some furniture.

Your goods are always secure with us. We can sure your car, boat, caravan, furniture or your office documents. We can always find suitable storage in Burleigh heads for you.

What is good about Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals?

We can secure anything for you. It can be a boat, a car, or just a box-set of DVDs. We can fulfill all of your needs of self-storage in Burleigh heads. We have several storage sheds in Burleigh Heads. Are you searching on google that “storage units near me”? You have come to the right place. We will store your goods in a shed which will be nearest to you.

Now, let’s know about our security. We can assure you that your goods will be secure with us. It will be secure from all the dangers. We give our best to keep your goods safe and sound. That Burleigh Mini Stores & Removals is the best name of storage in Burleigh Heads.

Some tips about storing your belongings:

When storing stuff one thing is very important, that is it should stay safe. Here are some tips that you can use while storing your goods. If you follow these tips the chances of damage are reduced to none.

First, read these tips that you should do:

  1.   Always use the best storage boxes. Luckily, we also provide storage boxes. The quality of our boxes is at its best.
  2.   Fill the boxes. Avoid overfilling. Do not fill them partially they will tip over and collapse.
  3.   Pack heavy items in small boxes. They will be easy to lift in these boxes.
  4.   Do make a list of stored items. So, you can remember each item.
  5.   To protect your fragile items wrap them in a bubble sheet.
  6.   Clean your garden equipment before storing it.
  7.   To protect the table leg wrap it in a bubble sheet.
  8.   Use wardrobe boxes to store the clothes. These boxes will keep your dresses in shape.
  9.   Placing the heavy items first in the unit is a good technique as it will build a solid base.
  10.   Choose a storage space. Place the most needed items near the front door.
  11.   To use maximum space, place the same size boxes together.
  12.   Avoid placing heavy items on mattresses or sofas.
  13.   Use a protective cover on your soft furniture.
  14.   Use a cloth or a paper to separate the chairs.
  15.   Don’t close the refrigerator doors.
  16.   Use mirror boxes to store pictures or mirrors. Mark them as fragile and placed them at the end.
  17.   To protect the goods from the dust cover them with a sheet.

Here are some tips that you should avoid while storing:

  1.       Don’t allow others to access your goods.
  2.       Properly lock your unit
  3.       Avoid storing paint or any other toxic material.
  4.       Remember you cannot store weapons at a self-storage unit.
  5.       Don’t store flammable goods.
  6.       It is not a good thing to share your key with others.

Frequently asked questions:

There are many questions asked about storage in Burleigh. Let’s have a look at them and know about Burleigh storage system.

Can I turn off my fridge a day before moving?

You can, but most fridges are frost-free in these days. You should turn it off only an hour before moving it.

What should not be stored?

In Burleigh storage sheds you cannot store paint, flammables, and gas bottles. To have a secure shed for all of our clients.

How long can I store my goods?

We have both long term and short-term options. You can store your goods for just one week or months or years.

What if I need the goods?

Accessing those goods is not a problem. Just contact our staff to let us know what things you require.

What is the size of your storage areas?

We have a wide range of storage spaces. You can store just a few items or goods that can occupy a 5-bedroom house.

Can I store my cars or boats?

We can take care of your cars, boats or caravans easily. They are always undercover and protected.